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City Clerk

Physical Address: City Hall West, 300 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521
Mailing Address: PO Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580
Phone: 970.221.6515
Fax: 970.472.3002

Available Documents

Document Name Document Description
Action Summaries A listing of items and votes (no discussion summary) at City Council meetings. Includes other Council-constituted bodies, such as the Board of Directors of enterprise boards and general improvement districts.
Agenda Summary of the agenda items for a City Council meeting (regular session), and related docs (from Sept-16-2000 to current)
Council Mail Packets Also known as 'Thursday Packets,' include information or correspondence received in the City Manager's office. Contents include invitations that Council has received from the public, calendars of events, agendas for various committees, letters from the public, and information that staff and the City Manager wish to share with Council. Some items may relate to the upcoming Council meeting or Council Work Session, but some may just be of general interest to the Councilmembers in their role as policy-makers for the City.
Council 'Read Before' Packets Information pertinent to that night's Council meeting is referred to as a 'read before' packet. It contains responses to Council questions about agenda items, as well as citizen letters and any other staff correspondences that Council needs to read before the Council meeting or Work Session, in order to address the corresponding agenda topics that evening.
Minutes A summary of the items considered, discussion, and votes at a Council meeting.
Ordinances A municipal law or regulation adopted as an ordinance of the City under the provisions of the City Charter.
Resolutions A formal expression of a decision, opinion, policy or directive of the City, expressed in a formally drafted document and voted upon by the City Council, that does not have the force of law
Document Name Document Description
Agendas Archived and upcoming agendas
Annual Reports Report of what the board did for the past year in relation to the work plan.
Bylaws Charter of board.
Minutes A summary of the items considered, discussion, and votes at a board or commission meeting.
Oversized Files Large file downloads.
Resolutions The boards' list of resolutions.
Summary Agenda
Supplemental Documents
Work Plans The boards' list of items to work on for the next year.