Requiring Words

By default, search results will return records that contain all the words entered in a query. CityDocs also supports the common query operator "+" directly in front of the word to be required (e.g., +council), as well as the keyword "AND", although their use is not necessary.


Most documents are indexed without punctuation, so avoid punctuation unless you want it included in the query. For example, if you are searching for Resolution 2001-015, type '2001 015' (without the quotes) in the search field.

Search Scope

If you know which department a particular document resides, you can drill down to that department (or even the document type), and then limit the scope of where the search is performed. Searches within a department or document type are considerably faster than a site-wide search..

Excluding Words

You can exclude a word in a search by by putting a "-" sign in front of it. For example, 'council -ordinance' will search for documents that contain 'council', but do not contain 'ordinance'.

Search Phrases

To perform a search on a phrase, enclose the words with double quotes (i.e., "TAX REBATE PROGRAM"). However, most of the documents in CityDocs are indexed by keywords, not complete sentences. For this reason, searching on phrases (with quotations) will be less effective than keywords.

"OR" Searches

CityDocs supports the search operator "OR" (i.e, 'council OR ordinance'). The "OR" keyword is case insensitive, and will not be included in the results.