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Physical Address: 281 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Mailing Address: PO Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580
Phone: 970.221.6588

Available Documents

Document TypeDescription
AbandonmentTo rescind, make void, or cancel documents related to a particular development
AnnexationsThe incorporation of land into an existing community resulting in a change of the community boundaries.
Affidavit Of CorrectionAn affidavit showing the correction to a document.
Address ChangeA document showing a change of address.
AddressingA document showing addresses assigned to an approved development.
Administrative ChangeA change to any approved development plan or any site specific development plan, except replats.
Bridges And CulvertsTransverse drain or conduit that allows water to flow under a road or railroad.
Boundary Line AdjustmentA document changing boundary and/or property lines as regulated by Section 1.4.7 of the City Land Use Code.
Basic Development ReviewReview without a public hearing by City staff for the purpose of determining compliance with all applicable standards.
Comment SheetsComments and recommendations to Engineering Development Review on new developments from other City Departments.
Development AgreementsAn arrangement or contract between the City of Fort Collins and a developer to insure all requirements and conditions relative to the installation of utilities and other improvements will be met.
Development Construction PermitsTo authorize construction of a project after all development requirements have been met
Elevation PlansType of document that shows the full dimensions of the front, rear, or side of a building.
Easement DedicationGranting for a specific purpose a portion of a piece of Land from a landowner to the public or another landowner.
Easement VacationTo rescind, make void, or cancel an action granting an easement by an enacting authority
General CorrespondenceLetters of referral from the public, consultants or Agencies to Engineering Development staff relative to new developments.
Historical MapsHistorical maps
LeveesA low ridge or earth embankment built along the edge of a stream or river channel to prevent flooding of adjacent land
Lighting PlanAn artifical supply of light and the apparatus used to illuminate an area of development
Lot Line AdjustmentA process of moving lot lines without going through the placviotprocess.
Land Survey PlatsA Land Survey in which monuments are either found or set to mark the boundaries of a specified parcel of land.
Major AmendmentA major change to any approved development plan or any site specific development plan, except replats
Minor AmendmentA minor amendment to any approved development plan or any site specific development plan, except replats.
MiscellaneousCollection of a wide variety of non-specific items.
ODP/Master PlansOverall development of a large parcel of land generally defining density, land uses and building types.
Other AgreementsMutual understanding or arrangement of opinion or purpose
ProjectsPlanned design for a specific purpose.
Quarter Section MapsA quarter section map is a tract of land one half mile by one half mile square or 160 acres.
Retaining WallsPhysical restraint typically used to restrain soil or other earthen structures.
Row DedicationRight-of-way dedication for roads and streets
Rail RoadRoad for a train laid with steel rails and wooden ties
Rail Road RowDedicated right-of-way for a railroad
Row VacationTo rescind the dedicated right-of-way for a street or road.
Subdivision PlatScaled survey drawing of an approved development plan showing accurate dimensions and location of lots, streets, and utilities.
Shadow AnalysisPlans or exhibits illustrating the effects of shadows cast by the buildings and/or structures of a development.
Special Improvement DistrictSpecific taxing area defined for specific improvements such as roads and utilities.
Street Name ChangeChange the name of a historic or previously approved street name.
Site/landscape PlanThe development plan for one or more lots on which is shown the existing and proposed conditions of the parcel of land. A site plan may include topography, landscaping, flood plains, structures, buildings, signs, lighting, berms, buffers, and any other information that may have been required for approval of the development.
Sanitary SewerUnderground pipeline designated for the collection of sanitary waste materials.
Storm SewerUnderground pipeline designed for the collection and transportation of storm runoff and natural drainage.
StreetsDeveloped thoroughfare designed for vehicle transportation.
Street Engineer StampMaps showing the infrastructure of the streets built for a specific development stamped and signed by an engineer.
Telecommunication PlansSpecific site plans showing the location and height of cellular phone towers.
Unit AddressingAddressing of units
Utility Engineer StampPlans showing the infrastructure of the utilities for a specific development plan stamped and signed by an engineer.
VacationTo rescind, make void, or cancel previous approval action by an enacting authority.
Visual AnalysisPlans or exhibits illustrating how a development will look when complete.
Water LineUnderground pipeline designated for the distribution of a domestic water supply.